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Spicy Salsa Muffins

August 3, 2019
Mixed up with your favorite chunky salsa, these Spicy Salsa Muffins are one quick, easy, and tasty side ~ just perfect with a hearty bowl of soup or any Tex-Mex dinner dish.

Spicy Salsa Muffins on Cooling Rock Image

How To Make Old-Fashioned Doughnuts: Step-By-Step

July 22, 2019
Crunchy on the outside, cakey and tender on the inside, and laced with tasty cinnamon and nutmeg throughout, these homemade old fashioned cake doughnuts are the ultimate breakfast (or breakfast-for-dessert) treat.  Follow these steps on How to Make Old-Fashioned Doughnuts to whip up a tasty batch of your very own.

Stack of Old-Fashioned Doughnuts Rolled in Cinnamon-Sugar Image

How to Make Fluffy Buttermilk Biscuits

September 13, 2018
There's nothing quite like a warm buttermilk biscuit slathered with melting butter or jam ~ it's truly the comfort food of the South.  Get your biscuit-shaping hands ready, and follow these steps on how to make Fluffy Buttermilk Biscuits to bake up a batch of tender biscuits in true Southern style!

Fluffy Buttermilk Biscuits Image

How to Make Beer Bread: 3 Simple Ingredients + a Beer

July 5, 2018
Are you buying a packaged mix to make beer bread?  Stop!  With just four simple ingredients, you can make your own beer bread at home ~ no mix required.  And one of those simple ingredients?  You guessed it.  It's a beer.

How to Make Beer Bread Image: 3 Simple Ingredients + a Beer


How to Make Baked Donuts

April 24, 2018
Who doesn't love a delicious fresh-made donut?  Well, just grab yourself a donut baking pan and follow these simple steps on how to make Baked Donuts.  You can enjoy a fresh homemade batch in minutes ~ all with the ease of baking instead of frying!

Homemade Baked Donuts Image

There's nothing quite like a fresh-made donut.

And let me just say, I am blessed to live in an area of North Carolina that just so happens to be the headquarters of one not-to-be-named very famous donut chain.  And my oh my, when that "Hot Now" light is on? You're in for one heck of a delicious donut treat!

Fresh off the line, those hot glazed donuts are nothing short of miraculous in how tasty they are.  It's way too easy to gulp down way more of them than one should in a single sitting.  Trust me, I speak from "Hot Now" donut experience.

But what about when that donut craving hits and you just don't feel like running out to grab a dozen?  Or, if you want {or need} to pass on the fried part of their deliciousness?


Honey Cornbread Recipe

January 22, 2018
If you prefer your cornbread on the moister and slightly sweet side, this Honey Cornbread recipe is for you!  The honey in this version lends the perfect subtle sweetness, while buttermilk in the batter creates a beautifully moist and tender result.

Honey Cornbread Recipe image

Mmmmmm ... cornbread.  Such a wonderfully comforting food.  Especially when served up with a hearty bowl of chili or alongside a deliciously tummy-warming bowl of kielbasa potato soup.  

But not all cornbreads are created equal, I've learned.

Pumpkin Banana Bread with Honey Glaze

November 2, 2016
Banana bread lovers, listen up ...You'll flip for this Pumpkin Banana Bread with Honey Glaze!  It combines two great quick bread flavors into one tender and tasty loaf.  And when it's topped with honey glaze? ~ Oh, the fabulous flavor just can't be beat.

Pumpkin Banana Bread with Honey Glaze ~ combine two great quick bread flavors into one tender and tasty loaf!

Our 6-year-old Little Miss H. sure loves banana bread.  It's one of the things we bake together regularly since she loves it so much.  I swear, she avoids eating the bananas I buy just to let them get overripe on purpose ... knowing that overripe bananas on the counter = a chance to bake {and eat} banana bread!

Pretty soon she'll have the recipe memorized and be baking it on her own.

So when I came across a recipe for Pumpkin Banana Bread and shared it with Little Miss H., we just knew we had to try it.

Fluffy Baked Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes

June 1, 2016
If you just adore standing at the stove flipping batch after batch of pancakes while the rest of the family eats away at the table, then look away ... this recipe's not for you.  Love to find an easier way to serve up hot & delicious pancakes? ... You're in the right place.  This Fluffy Baked Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes recipe is  for you!

Fluffy Baked Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes Image ~ done in the oven, no flipping required!

When I think back to enjoying pancakes during my childhood, I remember my Mom standing at the stove, flipping pan after pan of them ... while the rest of us sat comfortably at the table devouring plateful after plateful of fluffy hot pancakes.

By the time Mom was done, so were we.  And Mom ended up eating her pancakes at the table by herself.

Poor Mom.

Love to find an easier way to serve up hot & delicious pancakes? This recipe is for you!

Oh if only there was an easier, less labor-intensive way to serve up pancakes.  But wait ... There is  an easier, less labor-intensive way!

Muffin Mix Pancakes {aka: Pancakes-In-a-Pinch}

March 4, 2016
With Muffin Mix Pancakes, easily mix up a batch of pancakes in almost any flavor with a little secret shortcut ~ packaged muffin mix! 
Thank you to Martha White® baking mixes for sponsoring this post.

Muffin Mix Pancakes Image - easily mix up a batch of pancakes in almost any flavor with a little secret shortcut ~ packaged muffin mix!


Cranberry Baked Buttermilk Pancakes

November 23, 2015
Got leftover cranberry sauce?  Enjoy it for breakfast with these easy {& tasty} Cranberry Baked Buttermilk Pancakes ... easy because they're baked in a 9x13" pan instead of individually-made standing at the stove top.  And we all love easy {& tasty}, right?

Do you ever have those moments of recipe inspiration that just randomly hit you smack in the face, and you have no idea where they came from or why you were inspired at that very moment in time?

Well, that's what happened to me with this Cranberry Baked Buttermilk Pancakes recipe.  The idea just hit me when I was standing in front of the refrig the other day.  It was mid afternoon ... not at all close to breakfast time, when the idea of pancakes should probably be on your mind.  I already had dinner planned ... so I wasn't wracking my brain trying to figure out what I was going to fix for dinner.  And I hadn't been working with cranberries that day at all ... hadn't worked with them in about a week, for that matter.

But when I spotted a container of leftover cranberry sauce perched upon my refrigerator shelf, a bolt of inspiration struck.

Pumpkin-Apple Waffles ~ freezer-friendly for a quick-&-easy breakfast

September 14, 2015
Loaded with both the fall-favorite flavors of pumpkin and apple, Pumpkin-Apple Waffles make a fabulous start to your day.  Got a hectic morning schedule?  Make a big batch when you can, refrigerate or freeze, and have a quick-&-easy breakfast ready to go in minutes!
Thank you to REAL® Seal for sponsoring this post, and for certifying the REAL® products that make these Pumpkin-Apple Waffles extra wholesome.

Pumpkin-Apple Waffles ~ freezer-friendly, so make a big batch to have an easy breakfast ready in minutes! #REALSeal #ad

Back-to-school season is in full swing, and along with it comes busy, hectic morning routines.  But even with those busy mornings, we all still want to make sure our families get a good breakfast to start the day off, right?  Fortunately with the help of REAL® dairy products, there are lots of ways to get a tasty and wholesome breakfast on the table fast.


Chocolate Glazed Baked Donuts

September 11, 2015
Who doesn't love a delicious fresh-made doughnut? Grab yourself a doughnut baking pan, and whip up a batch of homemade Chocolate Glazed Baked Donuts ~ all with the ease of baking instead of frying.  

Chocolate Glazed Baked Donuts ~ fresh-made donuts, without the fuss of frying!

I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of frying at home.  One, I'm always afraid of that big ol' pot of smoking-hot oil.  And two, cleaning up that thin film of oil that seems to coat everything within a 20-foot radius of the stove {okay, I know I'm exaggerating} is not my favorite thing to do.

So as much as I absolutely love  my Grandma's Old-Fashioned Donuts, I rarely make them because of the frying.

But I've found the perfect don't-feel-like-frying-but-want-homemade-donuts solution ~ baked  donuts!  And chocolate  glazed baked donuts?


Cheddar-Rosemary Beer Bread {& Does the Type of Beer Make a Difference??}

June 17, 2015
As if a loaf of fresh-baked beer bread isn't tasty enough, adding grated cheese and fresh herbs ... like in this Cheddar-Rosemary Beer Bread ... makes it even tastier!  

Cheddar-Rosemary Beer Bread

A while back, I shared step-by-step how to make beer bread ... and how completely and totally  easy it is to do.  None of that boxed mix needed.  And that a-while-back post got me to thinking ... How much does the type of beer used in one's beer bread matter?

I mean, does the type of beer really  make a difference?

Grandma's Old-Fashioned Doughnuts {or Donuts??}

May 7, 2015
Whether you spell it doughnuts or donuts, Grandma's Old-Fashioned Doughnuts are the BEST!  Serve up these cakey beauties plain or coated all around in cinnamon sugar.  Just like Grandma used to make!

Old-Fashioned Doughnuts image

As we approach Mother's Day this coming weekend, I thought it was only appropriate that I share one of my Mom's favorite recipes that I loved making with her growing up.  As an extra special treat on occasion, Mom used to whip out the deep fryer pan and we'd have fun together whipping up a batch of these homemade old-fashioned donuts.

Fresh and warm right out the oil and rolled all around in cinnamon-sugar, these donuts are simply divine.

Yes, these Old-Fashioned Doughnuts are a 3-generations-old recipe in our family.  And truth be told, they may go back even farther than that.  

And you know what?  This recipe is one that Mom also has fond memories of her  Mother making for her.

Yes, these Old-Fashioned Doughnuts are a 3-generations-old recipe in our family.  And truth be told, they may go back even farther than that.

Overnight Cinnamon Roll Casserole

December 11, 2014
Thank you to Sister Schubert's for sponsoring this post.
This past Thanksgiving, we created a new holiday tradition at our house ~ easy Overnight Cinnamon Roll Casserole for breakfast on Thanksgiving weekend.  With the ease and deliciousness of Sister Schubert's Cinnamon Rolls, it will most likely become a new Christmas breakfast tradition, too!

Overnight Cinnamon Roll Casserole image ~ Enjoy easy Overnight Cinnamon Roll Casserole, made with the convenience and deliciousness of Sister Schubert's Cinnamon Rolls.

Our family's holiday dinners always include Sister Schubert's Parker House Style Rolls.  So having Sister Schubert at our Thanksgiving dinner table was a given.  
But this year ... thanks to the convenience and deliciousness of Sister's Cinnamon Rolls ... Sister Schubert's joined us at our holiday breakfast  table, too.

Whole Grain Pancake Mix {my new go-to mix!}

November 7, 2014
Wow, I just ate the BEST pancakes I've ever made!  Light, fluffy, and whole grain to boot ... thanks to  Whole Grain Pancake Mix I whipped up myself.  Oh, I've just found my new go-to for pancakes.

Whole Grain Pancake Mix

I am a huge fan of pancakes ... though I usually enjoy them as breakfast-for-dinner instead of as traditional breakfast food.  Hey, there's absolutely nothing wrong with breakfast-for-dinner!  It's one of my faves.

And when it comes to 'bread goods' in our house ~ including our pancakes and waffles, we try to eat only whole grain.  'Try' being the key word.  We're works in progress on that.  But want to know one thing that's definitely helping us out with the whole grain thing?

This Whole Grain Pancake Mix.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  You all.  This mix makes the best pancakes I've ever had.  No joke.

Oma's Strudla {German Steamed Dumplings or 'Biscuits'}

October 4, 2014

In honor of Oktoberfest and my husband's German heritage, I decided to share with you one of the few German recipes I've mastered.  And believe me, when my husband asked me to learn how to make strudla, it's a recipe that came with a lot  of pressure!

See, my husband Mark's Oma {German for grandmother} ... who was originally from Germany and lived with Mark and his family while he was growing up ... used to make strudla for him all.  the.  time.  It's a food that holds wonderful memories for him.

And he wanted me  to learn how to make it for him.

Oh sure, ... follow in the footsteps of Mark's native German grandmother to make him one of her signature German foods.  That he adores.  And ate all the time.  For years.

Great.  That's what I was thinking.

But first, what are strudla, you ask?  Well, the answer's apparently not a straightforward one.

Mini Cornbread Cups {Step by Step Tutorial}

September 20, 2014
Adorable, versatile, and delicious.  Pair these Mini Cornbread Cups with your favorite filling for the perfect two-bite appetizer, game day, or tailgating treat.

I am in love with these cute little cornbread cups! An I-want-to-gobble-up-every-last-bite kinda love, that is.

I mean, aren't these cups just adorable?  And just fabulous for making the perfect little two-bite appetizer or game day treat?  Fill them with chili ... or pulled pork ... or barbecue chicken ... or salsa ... or chicken salad ... or ... ah, the possibilities are simply endless.

Look how deliciously precious they look when filled and garnished ...

The Garlic Bread That Almost Ended My Marriage Before It Began

February 23, 2014
Mom's Garlic Bread is the perfect accompaniment to a hearty pasta meal.  This easy thick-cut garlic bread is crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, and oh so delicious!

This is my Mom's 'famous' garlic bread.  And it almost ended my marriage before it began.  Seriously.  And it all goes back to the very first meal I cooked for my now-hubby Mark back in January, 2003, when we had just started dating ...

Adorable Rudolph & Snowmen Mini Donuts

December 24, 2013
With just a few simple steps, transform chocolate and powdered sugar mini donuts into adorable Rudolph and Snowman Mini Donuts for an extra special Christmas breakfast treat.

Merry Christmas to you!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!  In celebration of this very special day, I'm sharing today the adorable Rudolph and Snowmen mini donuts my Mom and I made last year for Christmas morning breakfast.  They're such a super cute little bite-sized treat.
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